The Most Detailed Benchmarking in the Industry

How Does Your Company's Financial Performance Compare to Other Brokerages?

DAT Broker Benchmarking is a unique new service that provides freight brokerages with a financial analysis of your company’s performance and compares that data to other brokerages throughout the country. The monthly report looks beyond just your gross margin. It digs deep into your operational and financial data, providing a level of detail found nowhere else in the industry.

Track More Than 25 Key Performance Indicators

Each month, subscribers to DAT Broker Benchmarking receive a 22-page, graphically-illustrated report that shows individual and group performance for the most recent month, as well as the previous month, previous year, and year-to-date. More than 25 key performance indicators are tracked, including:

  • Operating profit
  • Gross margin percentage
  • Profit margin
  • Division of net revenue
  • Load counts
  • Revenue per load
  • Profit per load
  • Revenue per employee
  • Profit per employee

"You can find basic information online, but data such as profit per employee or percentage of gross profit paid to salaries—that  just isn't out there."

—Gerald Moore, COO, Hybrid Transit Systems

Discuss Group Results During Monthly Webinar

In addition to receiving the monthly report, subscribers are invited to a monthly webinar to discuss group results and identify trends. The webinar also includes an educational presentation on a current topic of interest to freight brokers.  

DAT Broker Benchmarking is available as a monthly subscription service. To receive a copy of a sample benchmarking report, send us a request or call the phone number below.

"I don't always have time to grind through the data, but the monthly webinar frames it up concisely, with plenty of charts and graphs."

—Ron Pierce, General Manager, B2B Transportation Services

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