IFTA Fuel and Mileage Tax Services

IFTA Fuel and mileage tax reporting doesn’t have to keep you distracted from all the other aspects of your business. DAT Fleet Compliance Services can help you keep your trucks running legally and efficiently across state and provincial borders. Our services are designed to be fast, user-friendly, and cost effective.

Start with the basics. Fuel and mileage tax services.
You simply provide us with trip sheets or the data from your automated system. We audit them for accuracy, enter into our system, process and retain the data for as long as regulations require. You can then access more than a dozen useful reports that give you a clear picture of your fuel and mileage tax liability. You can access trip data online - anytime, anywhere. 

Taxes as Easy as 1-2-3
Increase your productivity with our fuel and mileage tax reporting services. We offer three different options designed to meet your needs. Choose from one of the following: 

  1. Paper: Provide trip sheets in any form you choose; we audit them for accuracy, scan them for easy and historic access, and process.
  2. Paperless: We download your data from DAT InView, QualComm, Cadec, PeopleNet, Xata and other GPS systems.
  3. Do it Yourself: Enter your own data into our web-based application and generate reports. 

From there, our system enables you to easily generate, print, and mail accurate electronic fuel tax reports! 

Additionally, our online Fuel & Mileage Tax Services system includes a free fuel optimization and routing module that helps you plan the most efficient route, locating the cheapest diesel on that route, and then track the fuel taxes using the most accurate database of highway miles in North America.


DAT offers a broad variety of time and money-saving web-based services backed by years of industry experience:

  • IFTA fuel and mileage tax services
  • Mileage tax reporting (OR, KY, NY and NM)
  • Electronic fuel tax reporting
  • Document imaging
  • Fuel usage, tax liability, and vehicle reporting
  • Compliance and audit consulting services
  • Audit Support
  • Exceptional customer service

Essential Details - Flexible Functionality We offer many convenient features that will improve your efficiency and productivity including:

  • Simple and accurate tax calculation
  • Information analysis to find and avert errors before the auditors do
  • Routing Services
    • "Flat Interface"– lets you email or print any section of the full report page, pan or zoom with ease using Map Controls
    • User-defined Routing – route your trips your way and choose from Truck Shortest, Truck Practical, or Interstate Preferred routing
    • Force Trip – choose your preferred highways and create customized locations
    • Color Zoom maps – view one million points in North America on a detailed and fully functional map
    • Mileage from Zip and Postal Codes – Bring the mileage of your trip down to within one block in any major North American city

  • 15 standard reports including: tax summary, mileage continuity and more
    • Customers can view the actual scanned/imaged trip sheet
    • Agents can often fix incomplete trip sheets without customer intervention
    • Customers can manage suspends online – fixing incomplete/incorrect trip sheets that agents can’t

We treat each truck as if it is our own, managing your tax calculation and reporting while you focus on your core business. Allow DAT Fleet Compliance to be your back office partner to ensure your business is compliant and minimize the risk of financial penalties or worse - loss of business.

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