Designed specifically to meet the needs of brokers and 3PLs

DAT Solutions understands that your transportation management system (TMS) is key to the success of your business. A good TMS will help you grow your business, improve profitability, and maximize productivity. It should not only meet today’s needs, but help you grow years into the future. 

DAT Keypoint® is a flexible, scalable solution built to meet the needs of transportation intermediaries like you—whether you are a freight broker or 3PL, a two-man operation or a billion-dollar enterprise.

Cover More Loads With Fewer People

Keypoint consolidates operations and accounting functions with a single-entry system that integrates fully with transportation industry software applications. It manages every aspect of your operations, from order entry to dispatch and tracking, enabling you to move freight more efficiently. 

Accounting & Financial Management Tools to Improve Cash Flow and Control Credit

Our integrated accounting software allows information to flow from order entry directly into accounts receivable, eliminating repetitive data entry. Keypoint gives you critical tools to manage your business’ finances, including setting automatic credit limits on customers so you don’t get overextended. 

Carrier/Driver Pay Management

Keypoint’s carrier module enables freight brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to manage a small fleet of trucks. The carrier module provides driver reports, payroll management and profitability analyses for drivers who are either employees or contractors, in brokered, company-owned and leased-on trucks.

Digital Imaging & Document Management

With the push of a button, Document Imaging allows you to streamline workflow, reduce time spent handling documents, and comply with Federal regulations. Imaging also supports rendition billing, automatically appending PODs to each invoice.

Integrated Carrier Validation

Keypoint helps you maintain your reputation for reliability and protect your good name by streamlining your carrier qualification process. Our integrated DAT CarrierWatch® validation tools mitigate liability and improve productivity by providing an automatic and verifiable due diligence process. CarrierWatch documents each carrier's current authority, insurance, and safety status, provides daily updates on any changes, and prevents the accidental dispatch of any unqualified carrier.

"DAT Keypoint helped us double our revenue with half the staff. It's worth its weight in gold."

— Sue Spero, president of Carrier Services of Tennessee

"It's the best off-the-shelf commercial broker software for running a business like ours." 

— Eric Dunigan, president of Arrive Logistics

On-site or monthly subscription web versions

Keypoint comes in two delivery models. It can be hosted on your in-house server or accessed via the web for a low monthly subscription fee. Robust functionality provides access for remote offices, agents, or brokers, but you decide who sees—or doesn't see—your business-critical information.

Award-Winning Customer Service

We stand by our customers and products, which is why thousands of successful brokers have been using our TMS and growing with us for more than 10 years. Our customer care begins before your system is installed. We customize the system to meet your specific requirements, and then pre-load your customer, carrier, and vendor records, and test your system comprehensively before delivery.

Keypoint includes personalized installation and training from professionals with extensive experience in the transportation industry as well as computer hardware and software. They guide you through the installation process, train your employees before the system goes live, and provide telephone support when needed.

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Simplify your operations, grow your business, and improve your efficiency with the only transportation management system designed specifically to meet the needs of brokers and 3PLs.

"This is our whole world. We don't utilize five or six different systems to get our work done. We use DAT Keypoint." 

— Dean Altenhofen, General Manager, General Transportation Services, Inc.

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