Designed specifically for brokers to multi-task the way you do

Core Features

Keypoint integrates Operations, Accounting and Analysis into a single system that saves time and boosts revenue:

  • Cover more loads with less work and fewer people
  • Run your entire operation from a single application with built-in interfaces to load boards, rating engines, and mileage systems
  • Enter orders once in Operations and bill and settle in Accounting using the single-entry system 
  • Give less experienced staff the tools to perform like seasoned pros
  • Analyze data to make informed decisions about customers, carriers, lanes, rates, and agents
  • Interface to any 3rd party or custom application, thanks to the underlying Oracle database


Move more freight with fewer people

  • Manage every aspect of your truck broker operation, from order entry to dispatch and tracking
  • Customize system security to control access for each user
  • Run your operation remotely from any Internet computer

Load Entry

Load up efficiently and profitably

  • Create Quotes, Orders and Offered Loads quickly, with minimal keystrokes and errors
  • Duplicate previous orders with a single click
  • Calculate mileages automatically by interfacing with ProMiles®, PC*Miler™, and Rand McNally MileMaker®
  • Price line haul in any way—flat, mileage, piece, hundred weight—then add fuel and accessorial charges
  • Analyze pricing and margins easily with built-in tools

Truck Search

Find the right truck to move your load safely and securely

  • Use your internal database to find carriers based on history, preferred lanes, current location or equipment type
  • Post to leading load boards in a single click
  • Connect to DAT CarrierWatch® for real-time updates on carrier authority, safety rating, and insurance status
  • Check contract and spot market rates using a built-in interface with DAT RateView™
  • Negotiate carrier pay while meeting margins using the Carrier Pay Rate Calculator

Control Center

Count on Keypoint to help you move freight fast

  • See all orders and perform all tasks from a single screen
  • Customize views and filters to see exactly the data you need
  • Monitor the status of rate confirmations and know instantly if they’ve been received
  • Use adjustable alerts to stay up-to-date and ahead of competitors


Know the status of all your freight, all the time

  • Dispatch with a few clicks and send custom rate confirmations directly via email or fax
  • Track all orders from start to finish with Check Call Processing
  • Cover loads fast by sending freight tailored to each carrier automatically
  • Reduce risk of improper dispatch with automatic checks on credit, safety, authority, and insurance

Customer/Carrier Profiles

Focus squarely on the people you do business with

  • Store unlimited details in your database, including contacts, credit limits, terms, and locations
  • Maintain customer preferences, including mileage, required fields, and sales commissions
  • Create rate charts to use for individual or groups of customers
  • View customer balances at a glance
  • Send mass or targeted communications automatically from your database


Manage your finances for maximum profit

  • Keep cash flow strong by ensuring every load is billed automatically
  • Enter data only once, then invoice customers and settle with carriers after reviewing operational information
  • Pay your carriers and all your vendors quickly with Accounts Payables
  • Print checks with easy-to-read carrier statements to minimize questions
  • Generate complete financials in real time, including Income Statements, Trial Balance, and Balance Sheets


Make sure your brokerage measures up

  • Make informed decisions that give you a competitive edge
  • Review profitability and performance of customers, carriers, and lanes
  • Evaluate broker performance and run detailed commission reports
  • Customize reports to analyze almost every aspect of your business

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