Designed for brokers who want a simple operations system

DAT Keypoint Ops is designed for freight brokers who want a simple operations system that places the most commonly used dispatch functions on a single screen. It’s a perfect choice for a new or small brokerage that wants an entry-level transportation management system (TMS).

Customers who use DAT Keypoint Ops, can later transition to the full DAT Keypoint TMS without having to migrate data or re-learn common functions.

DAT Keypoint Ops includes the most common features used by freight brokers:

  • Order entry – Enter the origin and destination of the freight, pickups and stops, billing information, and line items such as fuel surcharges and assessorials. From the order entry screen you can click to see current lane rates in DAT RateView™.
  • Post to load boards – Post your loads to DAT load boards and other major load boards without retyping order details. (Load board accounts are sold separately.)
  • Dispatch trucks – After you and the carrier agree on a rate, you’ll see revenue, total cost and profit.
  • Track check-calls – Mark each load as planned, picked up or delivered.
  • Operations screen – Shows the current status of all active loads in the system.
  • Print to paper or PDF – Print work orders for your paper or digital files, and print invoices to mail to customers, each customized with your company logo.
  • Retrieve customer and carrier records – Search your database to find company and contact information for all your customers and carriers. 

DAT Keypoint Ops is easy to learn and easy to use. Online training provides self-paced learning through prerecorded videos. Call the number below to learn more about DAT Keypoint Ops.

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