Streamline the tasks critical to your brokerage

Optional Modules

Keypoint offers a selection of optional modules that save even more time—and make even more money—for your brokerage. Keypoint Optional Modules let you quickly post to leading load boards, onboard carriers, manage customer relationships, consolidate loads, move to a paperless office, and much more.

DAT Load Board Interface Module

Connect Keypoint to the DAT Network and other leading load boards

  • Post to DAT, Internet Truckstop and Getloaded in one click
  • Find matching truck capacity quickly and easily
  • Update or cancel postings for dispatched loads automatically
  • Repost easily to keep loads at the top of the list

CarrierWatch® Module

Connect to DAT CarrierWatch® for quick and easy carrier qualification

  • Get real-time updates to track the authority, safety rating and insurance status of carrier you choose to monitor
  • Avoid accidental dispatch to uninsured/underinsured carriers
  • Receive information and insurance for new carriers in one click

CRM Sales Module

Improve customer service and sales success

  • Track sales activities instantly, including phone calls, emails, meetings and quotes
  • Grow relationships with complete lead-capture and follow-up
  • Build revenues by tying sales activities to shipping orders
  • Monitor and , compare and improve productivity among sales staff

Imaging Interface Module

Connect to our document management solution optimized for brokers

  • Get integrated access to common imaging functions directly from TMS screens
  • Receive bar-coded inbound rate confirmation automatically from IntelliFax plus notification on the Keypoint Dispatch Control screen
  • Speed up paperwork with one-click scanning, document indexing, and retrieval
  • Get paid quicker with Rendition Billing to automate invoicing, copying and collating paperwork

Rating Module

Reduce typos and enable automatic pricing

  • Create and update charts for each customer with Rate Chart Maintenance
  • Set up common rate structures, including city/state, state, weights, miles, commodity, equipment, inbound rates, and zip codes

LTL Consolidation Module

  • Rapidly assemble orders into consolidated loads
  • Schedule pickups, print manifests, dispatch to a carrier, and route deliveries

Outside Agent Module

Give outside agents control over software functions and data access

  • Limit outside agent and remote access to only their customers and loads
  • Support individual agents and teams
  • Control access to accounting and reporting functions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Module

Support all required data sets for electronic data exchange with your customers

  • Support the following data sets:
    • Load tenders (204): receive loads from shippers
    • Automatic or manual accepts/declines (990)
    • Acknowledgements (997)
    • Load status (214): Send pickup/delivery to shipper
    • Invoices (210): Send invoice to customer
  • Enable manual bulk resend of all transmissions within specific dates/times
  • Receive complete training from an EDI specialist for set-up and deployment

Carrier Module

Support trucks your brokerage owns

  • Set up drivers with pay rates on the driver maintenance screen
  • Calculate drive pay by loaded and empty mile rates or percent of revenue
  • Enter calculated gross pay into the payroll system to generate checks
  • Update financials by importing General Ledger entries from QuickBooks payroll
  • Produce and print driver statements

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