Your carrier onboarding process, now online

Speed isn't everything—speed and accuracy are

You need to find and qualify carriers efficiently, and have no room for error. Use DAT OnBoard™, a secure, easy-to-access online environment and get carrier data the instant their registration is complete. Your personalized website is built for carriers to use on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sign up more carriers: 50,000+ carriers use DAT OnBoard

Instead of sending out carrier packets by fax or email, direct carriers to your branded website. Carriers can supply profile information, insurance agent details, tax info, and sign your agreements, all by visiting one easy-to-use and mobile-friendly website. More than 50,000 carriers use DAT OnBoard and are ready to sign your contract.

Reduce time spent on data-entry and collection

Carriers complete their profile information, and it's stored in an online database. No more struggling to read faxed, handwritten forms. Easily access carrier information whenever you need it; don't risk moving another load without complete documentation on-hand.

Integration with your TMS

DAT OnBoard allows you to view carrier information easily and efficiently. Qualified carrier data will be uploaded into your TMS, so you view only the most relevant information. Combined with DAT CarrierWatch®, carrier qualification and onboarding has never been faster or more secure.

Maintain your company’s branding with DAT Onboard

Your company gets a personalized website on DAT. The site includes your company logo, customized messages to your carriers, and your contracts with full version control.

No fax needed with e-signatures

You can purchase the option of using e-signatures, in which carriers sign a PDF document with their mouse, stylus, or finger. The document can then be stored electronically, or printed and filed as a hard copy.

Carriers manage their profile and sign contracts online, using any device.

How DAT OnBoard works

  • Direct carriers to your branded website with your company logo
  • Carriers complete a profile, which includes their lanes, fleet, insurance agent, and tax information. They can also upload important documents—on any device
  • DAT validates the W9 information with the IRS
  • Carriers with a complete profile can view and sign a copy of your contract
  • Registered carrier data can be uploaded directly into your TMS for easy verification, including any carrier documents
  • Electronically signed PDFs allow you to download or print signed contracts and other agreements

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