The industry's only real-time lane rate tool for transportation professionals

Benchmark lane rates and get current capacity reports

DAT RateView™, a unique tool that:

  • Provides market rates based on actual transactions for analyzing pricing, benchmarking costs and RFPs
  • Shows seasonal and supply-demand volatility by lane

Comprehensive pricing tools for all transportation industry professionals

  • Brokers and 3PLs – Negotiate carrier rates fast, respond to RFPs and win bids
  • Carriers – Make informed decisions prior to accepting freight
  • Shippers – Evaluate carrier and broker contracts and proposals
  • Rail and Intermodal – Understand truck rates, and compare transportation modes in your market
  • Increase revenue per loaded mile, profit per loaded mile and asset utilization

Intermodal Rates

Compare rail intermodal rates to current van rates

Supply Chain Analysts can:

  • Look-up thousands of lane rates in bulk to compare your performance to the market rates
  • Optimize and plan supply chain costs
  • Check on specific lanes with single lane rate look-ups

Transportation Buyers/Load Planners can:

  • Look-up a single lane rate while negotiating with carriers
  • Use spot market data to analyze your lane rates
  • Evaluate bids with impartial market data
  • Decide if you’re paying too much on any lane

Transportation Executives can:

  • See how well buyers, supply chain groups and 3PL's are performing for you
  • Plan and budget with real-time data
  • Know if deliveries are on-time by lane and location

Trucking logistics professionals can now harness additional data and tools to analyze rates

  • Get supply-and-demand information, inbound and outbound comparisons for each state
  • Use 13-month historical rate information for thousands of lanes, in comparison to your own
  • Negotiate RFP's from a position of strength and knowledge












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